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The Janus hotel is a dream, it is emotion, it is relax.

Turkish bath, 
emotional shower, 
Kneipp path, 
chlorine-free hot tub, 
floating room, 
swimming pool, 
facial treatments,
massages to restore the body, satisfy the mind.

Relaxation for anti-stress, relaxation and oriental massages:

Shirodara: Shirodara: Ayurveda treatment, means oleation of the head by gently sliding the warm sesame oil from the center of the forehead, thus stimulating the pituitary gland.This treatment induces complete relaxation of the mind and body, helping us to dissolve the accumulation of stress.

Massage with hot stones: Gives a general feeling of body - mind wellness.The basalts that are used to release heat during the massage, help to dissolve muscular tension.

Californian massage: Anti-stress massage that induces a state of inner calm. It is performed with fluid and enveloping movements that extend throughout the body.

Shanti Massage: This massage contains a set of techniques in a single massage in order to restore a state of harmonious well - being of mind - body - spirit. It is performed with very mild pressure

Massaggio Pindasweda: This massage is combined with the use of bags with herbs that, once warm, spread their benefits reducing swelling and helping to eliminate toxins from the tissues and relaxing the body with the heat - aroma combination. The aim is to relax the body and the mind.

Massage with Bach Flowers: This massage has a balancing effect on moods and energy. In fact, it has a deep relaxing and re-harmonizing action, to which is added the balancing effect of floral remedies.

Quantum massage  (massaggio Hindy): Massage that rebalances the energetic harmonies and puts the 7 chakras in harmony again

ZEN ROOM: Room surrounded by the sober sea-land nature with a floor mattress for massages on futon. 

Spazi Benessere per Trattamenti Viso e Corpo

Treatments including epilation, manicure, pedicure.
Our makeup proposals include daytime and bridal makeup with high quality products.

Manicure: Application of color glaze, treated enamels and semipermanent glaze with guaranteed duration up to 15 days from the first application with the use of a LED lamp which thus brightens the duration of the polymerization.

Pedicure: with the use of a product that softens the thickening of the skin, allows therefore to work with the micromotor without the risk of removing excess tissue.

Epilation performed with hydrogenated liposoluble wax is therefore devoid of any type of impurities, allows a maximum adhesion to the hair and a poor adhesion to the skin, thus making the removal less traumatic for the skin.

Cold STERILIZATION thanks to a liquid (glutaraldehyde) and hot, thanks to the use of the dry stove that reaches a temperature of 180 ° C guaranteeing a wide-spectrum sterilization