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Castelsardo isone of "The most beautiful towns Italy", located in the north of Sardinia, lying on a promontory close to the sea.

Valleys and hills embrace the city, founded by the Genoese Doria family who called it Castelgenovese. With the conquest by the Aragonese, itwas renamed Castellaragonese, then became Castelsardo at the behest of the Savoy with Charles Emmanuel III in the eighteenth century.

The art of weaving made famous Castelsardo in the world, with the production of baskets, corbules and baskets . The typical cuisine is based on fish.
Typical lobster“alla castellanese and all'aragonese “and fresh fish soup of the Gulf of Asinara. Moreover, Castelsardo boasts an ancient seafaring tradition and an important navy.

Particularly striking and exciting  is the Holy Week, with the Lunissanti that has its roots in the Middle Ages. Archeology, art, culture, food and wine and the sea are the ingredients for a holiday in Castelsardo.